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Let’s Loop Canada: We are a group of businesses dedicated to breaking down everyday barriers for people with hearing loss. Our aim is to provide the latest assistive listening technologies to venues and spaces across Canada –
wherever hearing is a challenge.

Hearing Loops are a cost effective and user friendly solution, and are key to making Canada truly accessible for people with hearing loss. These systems, also known as audio frequency induction loops, transmit an audio signal directly to “T-Coil” equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants. Hearing loops enable listeners to clearly hear sound from a microphone, or other audio sources, without the distraction of background noise.

Is your venue hearing friendly? It can be! Contact any one of our partners below and let’s discuss how we can provide hearing with amazing clarity to your audience.

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Better Hearing Solutions is an Ontario based company that’s been providing Hearing Loop Systems since 1983: Helping people with hearing loss hear clearly at their favourite venues (churches, meeting and concert halls, theatres, classrooms) – anywhere people meet to listen.

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ADVANCED LISTENING improves accessibility for the hard of hearing community in businesses and public places. From banks, pharmacies, and retail outlets to churches, theatres and lecture halls, ADVANCED LISTENING designs and installs the best listening system for the location.

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Hearing Loops Canada
(Division of X-cel Communications Inc.) is proud to supply, install and maintain a unique range of Contacta induction loop, speech transfer, queue management and cash handling systems to enable service providers to interact easily with every customer.

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"My experience working with Advanced Listening has been nothing short of amazing. The team is not only extremely knowledgeable but very passionate about bringing auditory solutions to our day to day environments. Dedicated, reliable, and always willing to help."

Satinder Gill FMP, GGPFacility Planning Officer. Vancity Centre - Vancouver, BC

"The performance exceeded the expectations I had anticipated. The Hard of Hearing persons who tested it out last Friday expressed great satisfaction on its performance."

MWThe Baker Community Center - Yellowknife, NT

"If we didn't have a loop system in this church I wouldn't be able to understand anything"

GVDMEbenezer Free Reformed Church - Dundas, ON

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